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How softens the heart

The heart is like any organ in the human body  In need of extreme care, when the heart hardens, it is a disease that affects a person and prevents him from feeling guilt and remorse and becomes lost Thus, blurred and the greatest evidence of the severity of heart failure reverence and reflection in the verses of God and in verse Jan pain for those who believe that their hearts are subject to mention God and came down from the right and do not become like those who were given the book by Aftal term they hatched their hearts and many of them are evil} iron 16. One of the hardest things that affects the hearts is its cruelty and death, which is a very dangerous disease that results in multiple and chronic diseases, and symptoms appear upon it and are not safe from them except those who were greeted by God and taken for reasons: For God Almighty said to the Jews (Then I hardened your hearts after that, then it is a shame) Symptoms of cruelty of hearts There are many and many things that make the heart immersed in its delusions, so the person becomes just a living creature free of feelings and sensations, and once he reaches this stage he becomes a person who lives but with a dead heart in the death of the heart is not very different from the real death in its words whether, including: love of the world On the hereafter: it becomes a cask My biggest concern and his only concern is when he deals with people for his personal benefit only. Not being affected by the verses of God and exhorting from them: He hears the verses of God and is not influenced by them, and he omits reading the Qur’an and reflecting on the verses of God Almighty. And when their signs are recited to them, their faith increases, and they trust in their Lord. Not being affected by the things that revolve around him, such as death: they go to funerals as if it is an ordinary matter that he does not care about preaching or feeling fear and remorse for what he did. The Almighty said (If not, when they came to us with their supplication, then be grave). The distal heart does not have mercy: it does not show mercy to a poor or sensitive to his feelings, and does not sympathize with an orphan, or give alms to a poor person, because he is cold in feelings. Laziness about obedience and doing good deeds: the prayer is performed by mere movements that are not revered and as if it is a burden on him, the Almighty said (And if they rise to prayer, they are lazy). * The causes of the harshness of these hearts were some of the symptoms of harshness of the heart and they have multiple causes, including: Love of the world: It is one of the most important causes of harsh hearts, for the love of the world if it overwhelms the love of the afterlife and the love of God hardens the heart, then it finds its pleasure and pleasures in the fleeting life. Accompanying bad friends: It is one of the most important reasons because a person is affected by those around him and from the environment and surroundings in which he lives, and finds pleasure and pleasure with bad owners such as drinking wine, fornication, etc. Too many sins and misdeeds: Sins, no matter how small at the beginning, lead to greater sins. For example, drinking wine leads to fornication and possibly killing. Sins should not be reduced, as it is the beginning of a path to the death of hearts. Forgetting death and counting the hereafter: Man must not forget death and that there is an account of the hereafter and there is punishment, torment, fire and hell. * Treating the cruelty of the hearts after we talked about the symptoms and causes of the harsh heart, there is a treatment for heart diseases as it is an organ that gets sick, tired, hard, tired, and tired, so a person should take care of him and give him a field of importance in a person’s life, including: Learning the legal knowledge from the Book of God and the Sunnah: P person He who knows his Lord has the right to know and his heart does not lose sight of God’s remembrance, and his Lord forgives all the time and trusts in God in doing good deeds and obedience. He is a heart that will not be sick by God’s permission. God is little. Too much plague of pleasure "death": a person must be sure no matter how long he lives in life, as he will end up in the grave, so that he knows that God will hold him accountable for what he did, and that there is an account that either enters paradise and God rewards him for what he did or God tortures him for what he did Death is a right from which there is no escape or a way. Reflection on the verses of God and their meanings: A person must carefully read the Qur’an and understand the Holy Qur’an. By God, if you find someone who manages the verses of God but you find them soft-hearted, humble, the Almighty said (Do they not contemplate the Qur’an or stand by their hearts)? Visiting scholars and scholars: If a person finds his heart has died, then he does not go to the people of remembrance and is exhorting from them, learning from them and listening to them. Kindness to the poor and needy. Honoring parents and charity to them. P, my dear reader, beware of the death of the heart and avoid everything that leads to the death of the hearts and draw closer to God and forgive and kindness and smile, as it is one world that you will live, so make your life be praised and remain after your death, it is like a good wind ... I wish you a rest in the heart and happiness in this world and the hereafter.