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Work to raise the social, economic and cultural level of the targeted people.

. Provide financial and in-kind assistance to all needy groups-     

. Contribute to help couples wishing to marry by  financial and advisory supporting-     

 . Contribute to build productive families programmes-     
develop the needy`s skills  for success in their  life, through education and training , counseling and 
researching programmes

          Participation in the care of public facilities in environmental,  healthy , educational, and social services-    
The establishment of charitable projects that contribute to the delivery of social, educational and health services  and support them

. Effective contribution to the  religious, social, cultural, practical, and healthy activitie   

. care with People with special needs .

.care with Elderly .

. care with  displaced Animals

. Contributing to reduce poverty  with a focus on vulnerable groups.

 Capacity development in particular those of women and children to increase access to. public services available and exercise their rights in dignified  life

 Encourage creativity  in the areas of human development, with a focus on poor  groups, particularly the refugees

 making  creativity  programs serve as an example and a role model in various areas of. 
human development